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Our company was founded in 2001 based in Katerini from the Engineer of Rural and Surveying Engineering School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Socrates Konstantinou.

In light of the expertise, fresh ideas and paying attention to detail and technical competence and integrity, our company provides high quality and reliability in preparation topographic charts, delimitation of land, issuing and monitoring building permits, land and technical support to private and public projects.

With specific expertise, specific design approach and paying attention to detail and workmanship of any construction company and has implemented a series of structures that stand out at first glance.

Today, based on experience and comprehensive network of partners and can undertake projects that stand out for their quality, their design and functionality, and covers a wide range of structures such as houses, apartments, housing complexes, offices, shops and hotels. With a passion for creating spaces of life and culture forefront of the company and changing the data.

Our philosophy is quality in everything we undertake. Guide us to continuously improve and adapt to the demands of our customers. Knowing that, especially the housing market is a life decision and with this in mind, we act with professionalism and efficiency.

The rapid development over the past years based on the excellent expertise of our staff, high quality services we provide and our organizational functioning well. The projects we have built in various areas (houses, apartment complexes (Erkeiades, Panorama), apartments, shops, etc.) in Katerini Greece, Hazel and other regions, reveal our past and are indicative of the quality of the method and the rigorous professional manner that we follow to make your plans a reality! The hundreds of satisfied customers can attest.

People are the skeleton of a company and a necessary component for its success. Reliability, specialization, know-how, passion, imagination and talent are negotiable characteristics for every member of the working Group that implements our projects.

Civil engineers, architects, topographers, mechanical engineers and a number of specialized workshops work together in harmony to achieve the perfect result.

"Your trust is our biggest reward"