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Useful Erotoapantiseis the Energy Performance Certificate (ARC)

1. What is the FSP (Energy Performance Certificate)?
The SMO (Energy Performance Certificate) is one recognized by the ministry document issued by Energy Inspector (who has joined in a special register), in which captured the energy efficiency of buildings. With the FSP in each building is classified in energy class (there are nine categories, from A to H +), while the Inspector records and recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the building.

2. When is the version of SMO (Energy Performance Certificate)?
The adoption of FSP (Energy Performance Certificate) is required for all buildings with a total area of over 50 sqm of essential uses (residential, permanent and seasonal, offices, commercial uses, public assembly, education, temporary accommodation, health and social welfare, etc. ) as follows:

Radically new and renovated:
- Upon completion of construction of any new or substantially renovated buildings

- 09.01.2011 From: for each sale - purchase and sale of a single building - part market building (eg flat) and rent, but only if a single building
- 01/09/2012 From: for rent residential building department (eg apartment) for commercial use
- The ARC version is mandatory and the inclusion of residential buildings in the "Saving at home"

3. The ARC version is required in all cases leases?
The ARC version (Energy Performance Certificate) is required only for new leases and not for renewal of existing contracts.

4. What counts in the total area of a building?
The total area of a building is the sum of square meters of building, as counted in the construction permit (according to a factor of layout), as well as the square of the building that have legalized or settled with the applicable regulations (eg semi closed).

5. What buildings are exempt from the requirement to issue ARC (Energy Performance Certificate)?
There is the issue of SMO (Energy Performance Certificate) for the following cases:
- For building (single or part of it) with a total area of more than 50m (eg an apartment with an area less than or equal to 50m)
- For buildings with uses: industry, crafts, workshops, warehouses, car parks, service stations.

6. Listed buildings and holiday homes are exempt from mandatory SMO (Energy Performance Certificate)?
There are exempted from mandatory SMO (Energy Performance Certificate) listed buildings and holiday homes (accommodation less than four months).

7. Where can I find Energy Inspector?
- The Register of Energy Inspectors, which has been posted on the homepage of the ministry and www.ypeka.gr in the "Inspection / Energy Audit / Energy Register
- At banks participating in the "Saving home"
- The local Citizen Service Centres (KEP)

8. How much does the version of SMO (Energy Performance Certificate)?
For residential situations:
- When you inspected the entire building: 1.0 EUR / sqm (minimum cost 200 euros)
- When inspecting parts of residential buildings (apartment): 2.0 EUR / sqm (minimum cost of 150 euros)
- When inspecting detached: 1.5 EUR / sqm (minimum cost 200 euros)

For other cases buildings (eg offices)
- Up to 1000 m: 2.5 EUR / sqm (minimum cost of 300 euros)
- Over 1000sqm: 2.5 EUR / sqm for the first 1000sqm and 1.5 euro / sq m for the other

9. What are the duties of a notary?
In any case, purchase the property, the issue of SMO (Energy Performance Certificate). For the preparation of the purchase transaction, the notary checks the validity of the FSP information system of inspection records of the ministry buildings and www.buildingcert.gr obliged to mention both in the contract file number of the ARC and to annex the form - an extract from ARC issued by the aforementioned computer system containing the essential elements of the ARC. Also, the "physical" act of delivery - delivery of the FSP is declared by the parties before a notary, and prepared and signed the act

10. Is it possible to sell an unfinished building, without the adoption of FSP (Energy Performance Certificate)?
In case of sale of property (single or part) which has not commenced construction or has begun, yet it is incomplete, can be prepared the purchase deed and the transfer of the Land Registry without a SMO (Energy Performance Certificate). However, the adoption of FSP requires the completion of the construction of the building, which is delivered to the buyer with "physical" act of delivery - delivery SMO, identified by the parties before a notary and drafted and signed the act

11. Where can I find the legal framework and relevant information?
In the central ministry's website and www.ypeka.gr under 'Review - Energy Audit / Legal Framework "and the call center 0030 210 9797 400 or phone 0030 210 69 74 714, 0030 210 69 74 730 and Fax 0030 210 69 69 708 . Also at Mesogeion 119, PC 101 92


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