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Renewed program "Saving home" on favorable terms.

What is the program "Saving home"?
It is co-funded program that provides incentives for people to improve the energy efficiency of their home, saving money and energy and increasing the value of

What homes can be financed?
Eligible properties are all detached houses, apartment buildings and individual apartments (no extra condition) that satisfy the following criteria only:
- Situated in a price band of less than or equal to 2.100 € / m²
- They have been classified under the Energy Performance Certificate (PAA) in a category lower or equal to D.

There is no limit to the number of properties per citizen, while those of multifamily owners do not wish to join the program may participate in equity. Also included empty apartments inhabited within the last three years.

Who can join the program - With what incentives?

Category A1 A2 B beneficiaries




Personal Income Inc.

SA. ≤12.000€

12.000€ < SA ≤ 40.000€

40.000€ < SA ≤ 60.000€

Family Income Ltd.

OE ≤ 20.000€

20.000€ < SA ≤ 60.000€

60.000€ < ΟE ≤ 80.000€



70% Incentive Grant


30% Interest-free Loan

(100% interest rebate to 12/31/2015)


35% Interest-free Loan


65% Interest-free Loan

(100% interest rebate to 12/31/2015)


15% Grant


85% Interest-free Loan

(100% interest rebate to 12/31/2015)


Provided downloadable 4/5/6etous loan, with or without a guarantor, without mortgage property, immediate repayment of the loan without charges, and payment of suppliers / contractors through the bank without the involvement of citizens. With the inclusion in the program shall deposit 40% of its budget request.

For inclusion in the program requires the completion of energy audits (before and after the interventions), whose cost is covered by 100% from the Program, following the successful completion of the project. Additionally, covered expenses paid consultant for the project, to 250 € exc

For what work can be funded?
The savings achieved by the interventions of the program should correspond to an energy upgrade in class or 30% of energy consumption of the reference building.

Eligible interventions related to:

  1. Installing insulation in the shell of the building including th roof / roof and the pilots (including additional tasks such as dismantling and removal, surgery eg replace the roof tiles, etc.)
  2. Replacement frames and fitting shading systems (including the building door, stairwell doors, shutters, blinds, awnings, etc.)
  3. Upgrading the heating system and hot water (including equipment replacement of the boiler room and the distribution network, installation of solar water heater, control systems and heating, etc.)

For the implementation of interventions do not require licensing, approval or even small-scale building works except very special cases.

The maximum budget of eligible interventions, including VAT (Who is eligible for the program) can not exceed 15.000 € per property.

Eg. citizen with a family income of 35.000 € for budget work 10.000 €, concluded 5-year loan in June 2012 of 6.500 € and takes the remaining grant amount 3.500 €. The installment loan is about 110 €, while the interest will be charged for the period 01/01/2016 -1/7/2017 is about 80 €. In addition, the cover pays the costs for energy audit and remuneration of the consultant work.

Steps to participate in the Program

  1. Preliminary approval of a loan (bank branch) - first energy audit
  2. Submit application and supporting documents
  3. Admission application concerned - signing the loan agreement - advance release
  4. Implementation of Interventions - Second Energy Review
  5. Production of documents - other disbursement of loans and grants

The integration program is an ongoing process until exhaustion of resources by region. To date, placed over 10,000 people.

For more information http://exoikonomisi.ypeka.gr or tel 0030 210-9797400


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